Memegasm! December party

Our videobooth from MemeGasm! Edited by Mags Linster.

Footage taken of guests at Kinky Salon London's December 2015 meme-themed party, "MemeGasm!". Guests enter the videobooth voluntarily in the knowledge that the video will be publicly available! To sign up for future Kinky Salon parties visit

Kinky Salon London presents MEMEGASM!

Saturday, 12th December 2015
Arrival strictly between 7-8pm, end 2am, carriages 2.30am

Venue to be announced to ticket holders a week before the party.
Register here to become a member and receive the ticket link!


OMGLOLLMFAO! The Internet! A place of learning and connection! A marvel of modernity! An achievement for humanity! And mainly a place for porn, pictures of cats and weird memes… This month at Kinky Salon London we invite you to pay homage to the internet and all its glory: virals, memes, YouTubers & web celebs, memes & image macros, websites, social media and much more...

nyanBEST DRESSED ! Costume inspiration

Nyan Cat; Dancing Baby: Why U No; Netflix and Chill; Trololo, Clippy, Hamster Dance, Tron Guy, Mentos & Coke, Million Dollar Homepage, Sneezing Pandas, Keyboard Cat, Chris Hadfield, Skateboarding Dog...

This is a themed costume party - wearing a silly costume and not just street clothes or your finest fetish gear is what makes our parties special and we will refuse entry to those who do not have a costume/made an effort.

We also want our parties to be welcoming to everyone in our community regardless of their race, gender, sexuality or (dis)ability, so please consider your costume carefully  - we've put together this guide on how to avoid offensive costumes.

There will be GLORIOUS PRIZES for the best costumes in categories including Most Puntastic Costume, We'll be updating our website, Facebook and our Pinterest page regularly with ideas to help inspire you!

Kinky Salon London is created entirely by volunteers.  We need volunteers for set-up, clear out and during the party itself. Volunteers pay just £10.  Click here to find out more and sign up, or email us.

Would you like to host an interactive area based on your favourite internet phenomenon? If so we can give you some budget to make it happen.
Let us know all the details!

Or maybe you’d like to recreate your favourite web video live on stage?  Email us!

We have a limited number of £10 places for people who due to financial hardship would otherwise be unable to attend. To apply for one of these tickets please fill out this form as soon as possible telling us why you need it. Please note that you cannot apply on behalf of anyone else - only yourself.

Computer Love - Kraftwork; Gangnam Style - Psy; Never Going to Give you Up - Rick Astley; Tro Lo Lo - Edouard Khil;Finnegan the Folk Hero of HTML - Momus; The Internet is for Porn - Avenue Q; Prototype - Andre 3000; Kelis - Millionaire; Running - Computer Magic; Computer Took My Job - Maurice John Vaughn; Pocket Calculator - Kraftwerk; Mr. Roboto - Styx; Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips.

Any questions? Email us at