Our Mission

orgasmThe mission of Kinky Salon is to provide a safer space for people of all persuasions to explore without fear of judgment.

Whether sexual or asexual, vanilla or kinky, queer, gay, bi, straight, pan, cis, trans or any of the identities along the many spectrums, whatever your body shape, disability status or age, the community we are building is designed to be an oasis, where people can feel at ease.

Kinky Salon is an alternative to sex clubs and even to regular nightclubs and social events in the default world, which can often be intimidating or impersonal. We support creativity, personal growth and deepening of community connection as essential counterparts to sensual and sexual exploration.

A frequent misconception is that we just like getting dressed up and getting laid- that we are pure hedonists, in it for cheap thrills. But once you set foot in a Kinky Salon you can tell that there is something else going on here. It starts with a vague realisation that it’s not what you expected. There is something surprisingly friendly and fun loving about the crowd. The creativity and downright ridiculousness of the costumes is a great ice breaker, and something about being read the rules when you arrive makes you feel like you will be safe here. Soon you are all brought together for the cabaret, where authenticity is valued over affectation and pretence.

As the evening progresses, the experience of being surrounded by such open expression feels surprisingly natural. Something you might have thought would be scary or intimidating is actually strangely familiar. Whether or not you actually end up getting it on in the playspace, it doesn’t matter. Although sex is woven into the fabric of the event, the act itself is almost an afterthought. And there's always tons of activities and diversions for those people who come just to enjoy the liberation and respect of the space we create.

Our hope is that everyone who attends Kinky Salon experiences a shift in their consciousness. Maybe through their negotiations in the playspace they learn to put consent at the forefront of their interactions with others. Perhaps in meeting someone from a different part of the spectrum they encounter new attitudes to gender or sexuality. Maybe it's a first step towards exploring one of the many alternative relationship styles. Maybe it's your first time wearing a costume. Or perhaps in experiencing the joy in coming together to create something fun with a diverse group of people, they start making efforts towards being more open and inclusive in their work and home lives.

Our goal is to create a space that feels different enough from everyday life, that people try things outside their comfort zone.

We see the liberalisation of sexuality as a means of personal transformation, and personal transformation as a means of cultural transformation. When you connect the dots, Kinky Salon is really about making the world a better place, one pervert at a time.