Comic Strip! November Party

Get your pencils sharpened and draw-in together for Kinky Salon London's
Comic STRIP!
Saturday, November 29 2014
Arrival strictly 8-9pm, last orders at 2am.LOONEY TUNES KSL

Tickets go on sale on Thursday, 9 October at 7pm.
Earlybird: £25 / Standard: £35 plus booking fee

Register here to become a member and receive the ticket link!

If you've helped out at a KSL party in the last year we invite you to buy your ticket in the ticket pre-sale starting on Wednesday, October 8 at 7pm, 24 hours before the general sale. It's our way of thanking you for your support! Eventbrite invitations to the pre-sale will be sent out in the next few days. Watch out for your Eventbrite invitation (and check your spam folder) as you will need to use the link and password in it to access the pre-sale.

Zip! Biff! Shrrrrrrrip! We've moved again!
We've spent the summer looking high and low for a new home for KSL thallwonderwomenat's just right. We're remaining in East London but in a bigger, sparklier new home with everything asassy, sexy party could ever want! It's fully accessible, has plenty of facilities and lots of big and small spaces to explore. We'll be letting ticket holders know the exact location the week before the party, but the venue is near to an Overground station and several bus routes. And for this party we'll also be trialling a shuttle bus to Liverpool Street at 2am and 3am for £5 each - you can pre-book a seat when you order your tickets.

Some of the best moments at KSL have come from the community.  Everyone at "No Kink Please, We're British" remembers encountering the naked lady covered in fish and chips on arrival!  We want to fill our new home with fun creative ideas hosted by our members - we'll give you a (small) budget to make your concept a reality! Please see details and fill out the form here. And as ever, if you have an idea for a performance please add your details on our volunteer form.


33curvyThe "Comic STRIP" theme invites you to come as
- Anything from a newspaper comic strip
- Anything from a webcomic or graphic novel
- Anything from a TV animated cartoon
- Anything from an animated or CGI movie
- Any superhero

Try to avoid simply replicating the existing norms, and steer clear of the sexist / racist / heteronormative stereotypes that are so common in this area. Instead look at queering, genderfucking or dragging-up, eg:

XXX- Men, Sailor Mooning, Rupert the BEAR, Gnasher, 2000AD, Tank Girl, Rhubarb and Custard, Judge Dredd-ful, Storm, Powerpuff Girls, Scott Pilgrim, Rather Desperate Dan, Tracy Dick, Wonder Woman, Peppermint Patrick, Halo Jones, My Little Pony Play, Magneto, Garfield, Snoopy, Care BEARS, Hagar the Horrible 70s Cliche, The Rocketeer, Bash Street Kids, Rainbow Flag Brite, Atomic Eve, Thing, Poke-e-mon...

There will be GLORIOUS PRIZES for the best costumes in categories including Most Puntastic Costume, so don't just order a superhero costume off the internet - unless you plan to give it a sparkly KSL twist! We'll be updating our Pinterest page regularly with ideas to help inspire you.

Themes from all cartoons and comics! Add your favourite theme related music to our collaborative Spotify playlist. (This playlist is for stuff directly off cartoons and animated movies).

For later in the night, add your favourite comic-related songs by bands and any other party tracks to our general party playlist, examples: Prince - Batdance; Black Sabbath - Iron Man; Snoop Dogg - Batman and Robin; The Ramones - Spiderman; Paul McCartney & Wings, Magento and Titanium Man; Queen - Flash; Bis - The Powerpuff Girls; Comic Strip - Serge Gainsbourg; Disney Time - Jarvis Cocker; Bright Eyes - Simon & Garfunkel; The Flaming Lips - The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How to Be in Love; XTC - Sgt. Rock (Is Going to Help Me); Aqua - Cartoon Heros; The Kinks - Wish I Could Fly (Superman).

Kinky Salon London is created entirely by volunteers. We need volunteers for set-up, clear out and during the party itself. Volunteers can pay as little as £10, plus those people who have volunteered in the past year get access to a special pre-sale. Click here to find out more and sign up, or email us.

We have a limited number of £10 places for people who due to financial hardship would otherwise be unable to attend. To apply for one of these tickets please fill out this form as soon as possible telling us why you need it. Please note that you cannot apply on behalf of anyone else - only yourself.