The arty sexy party

Kinky Salon London is a playful, sexy space for you to get your creative... juices flowing.

kinkysalonlondon2Run as a non-profit, volunteer run community, KSL is part of a global family of events in thirteen cities across the world from San Francisco to Berlin. We host dressed-up themed parties from a decorated London warehouse space reminiscent of the movie Shortbus, plus regular social get-togethers. Our community is open to everyone of all genders, sexualities, body shapes, disability statuses, backgrounds and ages (above 18!)

Be you vanilla or kinky, people of gender, queer, straight, bi or try-sexual, we invite you to engage in our artistic and erotic world. We believe in risqué ridiculousness, mischievous masquerading, the intelligent and the inane - and we believe that consent and communication make the best lube.

Come in and learn more...